Van Gogh Corset
Van Gogh Corset
Van Gogh Corset
Van Gogh Corset
Van Gogh Corset

Van Gogh Corset

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Wearable Art

    Indulge in the dynamic beauty of the Van Gogh corset, a masterpiece inspired by Vincent van Gogh's iconic "Sunflowers" painting. Crafted with chenille jacquard fabric, it captures the essence of an oil painting, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

    Customized Fit

      Experience the innovation of our lace-up back straps, designed to perfectly complement the Van Gogh corset's thick fabric. The combination of oval buckles adds beauty while allowing you to adjust the length for a flawless fit.

      Harmonious Symphony

        Immerse yourself in the Van Gogh corset's captivating rhythm and tension. Its stunning color combination creates a symphony for the eyes, transporting you to Van Gogh's world and embracing the pure passion of sunflowers.

        Flattering and Comfortable

          Prepare to be amazed by the Van Gogh Corset's 2" waist reduction and exceptional comfort. With added lacing for convenience, you can confidently wear this corset throughout the day, revelling in its flattering silhouette and unparalleled style.

          Fitting Reference: 

            Measurements are taken with the corset fully laced closed, corsets can be stretched up to 5-10cm larger with lacing adjustments. 

            Model name cm/kg B/W/H Size Feeling
            Wendy 174/62 88/69/95 M Slim Fit
            Ann 161/53 88/70/90 M/L Fit
            Nana 166/54 85/66/92 S/M Fit
            Kiwi 155/45 80/60/85 S Loose

            *For More size help, please check the size guide.